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ASEAN-FEN And The International Fisheries Symposium (IFS2017)

Fisheries and aquatic ecosystems make critical contribution to development including in the South East Asia region. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has emerged as a global fish producer as a result of the rapid growth of aquaculture and its large offshore fishing fleet. The importance of the contribution by world aquatic products to national economies is well recognized among ASEAN countries. The region’s fisheries and aquaculture sectors have exhibited sustained growth in both production and consumption..

Therefore, it is urgent for ASEAN countries to maximize the synergies between socioeconomic development and protecting natural resources and the environment in the region..

The ASEAN-FEN is a team of university-based consortia representing the fisheries and aquaculture oriented institutions within Southeast Asia. The ASEAN-FEN is established by agreement of its nine core members for the purpose of supporting and enhancing fisheries and aquaculture through education, research, and public outreach. The main objective of ASEAN-FEN is to support and faciliate the activities of educators, scientists, and responding to local, regional, national, and international issues on fisheries and aquaculture..

We proud that the ASEAN FEN has accepted many new members and made a fruitful cooperation with the Ocean University of China (China). Previously, we already broaden our member from Japan (Hokkaido University) and Bangladesh (Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University). Hence, with this cooperation we do hope that we will able to develop aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems to be more optimum and environmentally explored on behalf of the world community..

We, University of brawijaya proudly deliver a annual activities of ASEAN-FEN, this seventh international fisheries symposium (IFS2017) will be organized in Batu City, Indonesia, from 7th – 9th November 2017 hosted by University of Brawijaya (UB)..

The theme of this symposium is “Projecting ASEAN FEN Plus for Supporting Sustainable Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems”, this symposium will focus on the advanced innovation as well as to address to the newly emerged issues in aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems for the synergies between socioeconomic development and protecting natural resources and the environment..

On behalf of the organizers, we warmly welcome the participation and significant contribution of stake holders of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems from the ASEAN Community and from the worldwide countries to the symposium..

Welcome to the Batu City – Indonesia, please enjoy “Shining Batu” and let’s contribute to Building-up Our Noble Future through sustainable aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems. .

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Happy Nursyam
Vice dean Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science University of Brawijaya

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